How do EdFiles Work?

Secure, Simple yet Evolutionary. Imagine buying and using File Folders right on your computer screen. Instead of going to office supplies stores and buying box of file folders, try EdFiles.

1. Register for a FREE Trial, no credit card required. The free trial gives users 5 Free EdFiles to use to experience our patent pending, evolutionary virtual file folder document viewer.

2. After completing the registration, create your EdFiles by naming the Folder, adding documents in them and viewing your folders in the viewer. (EdFiles currently supports pdf file format to load in them for storage, the next version will support many more file types.) There is a list of several FREE pdf creators below

3. Start using EdFiles for all your document storage.

The best part of using EdFiles is...your EdFiles are stored Virtually and Securely. They take up no file cabinets, no wall shelving, no boxes, nothing. They are available in same manner, format on demand anytime, anywhere and any place with an internet connection.

FREE PDF Converters

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