Health Records Exchange Details & Enrollment Form

As a healthcare provider, you already know, maintaining access to IN-ACTIVE Patient¡¯s records, years after their last visit to your office is a requirement that must be met. Depending on your specialty, the length of time varies from 7 years to 28 years to forever!

Below are 3 questions¡­If you answer yes to any one questions¡­you are eligible to enroll in the Healthcare Provider¡¯s Records Exchange Program at NO Direct Cost to you.

  • Do you have IN-ACTIVE Patient¡¯s Records taking up space in your office?
  • Are you $ paying fees to store IN-ACTIVE Patient¡¯s Records?
  • Is the Cost of Storing or Scanning/Archiving these IN-ACTIVE Patient¡¯s Records Too Much for You or not worth the expense?

If you answered yes to any of these¡­There is a better way! To get started, please fill in the form below and we can get your enrollment started. Call 1-657-217-3260, if you need immediate answers to your questions.

1. Where are your In-Active Charts currently stored?

2. How many 3rd party records requests and patient transfer requests do you get in your office on a monthly basis? (Approximately)

3. How many years have you been in private practice?

4. For how many years do you need to store your charts?

5. Are you using still using paper charts?

6. Will you convert to electronic health records?

7. Considering retirement and or selling your practice?

Absolutely NO Direct Cost to you! Let us show you how.

Register directly by calling 1-657-217-3260