Our belief…The reason for our existence is:

To Store, Organize and Manage Information…Not Paper!

We firmly believe that, all the valuable and necessary information, which currently resides in paper form, i.e., file storage boxes, file cabinets and records storage facilities, needs to be:
  • Conveniently and securely accessible electronically from anywhere.
  • This Information needs to be easily searchable.
  • It must be Preserved and Backed up (If it is worth storing, it needs to be preserved. Otherwise, why store it?)
  • Needs to be formatted for Analysis, Reporting and Integration.
  • Freely retrievable without ANY retrieval and delivery costs & hassles.
  • And Most of all…It must be available to all type and size budgets.
How do we help organizations?
  • By simplifying the process of converting large amounts of paper based files to useful electronic data.
  • By eliminating the fear of critical business disruptions and loss of valuable information, utilizing 100s of contingencies and case study findings.
  • With our exclusive, 3D file folder interface for scanned paper file folders and by adhering to a 100% commitment to quality scanning service!
What is it that we do?
  • Assist in converting, current & historical paper files to digital/electronic format.
  • Provide insight in the gradual implementation of efficient and compliant, reduced paper dependent, filing systems.
  • Most of all, we help you store, organize and manage information…not paper.